I like to describe myself as a village boy who, through a dint of hard work, sheer determination and grace of God, found himself in the city, having attended the “best” schools in the world. I was born and bred in Ijebu Jesa. I attended primary and grammar schools in Ijebu Jesa. Thank God there was no university in the village. I probably would have attended a village university (which would not have been a tragedy anyway). I am married to Joy and we have two boys. We all live in England. We also all love Nigeria with all our energy. I work as a software quality engineer. I provide my service from company to company, so I never have a stable job. But my real passion is photography. I hope to become a movie actor, director and producer when I grow up. 


My passions are my family and my friends. I will do anything to ensure they are happy and safe.

As an Ijesha boy, I love my pounded. If you ever need a favour from me, invite me to a local mama-put and offer me fresh pounded yam with vegetable soup, generously garnished with “orisirisi” (by which time I will be eating out of your hands, literally, if you know what I mean), then ask for anything.

Photography is my family pastime. Everyone in my house handles a camera like a pro and there is a DSLR for everyone. We have had the opportunity of covering some really fun events like weddings, birthdays, church events, house parties and community events. Some we charged for, some we did free of charge. We also like to travel. We enjoy taking photos of beautiful sights we see on our travels whilst also enjoying all kinds of cultural restaurants. Our best travel destination is…surprise surprise…Ijebu Jesa.

I will be narrating some of my life experiences in this blog. If you have a suggestion, on how to improve this, please tell me nicely. Thanks for stopping by. 

Seyi Akinsola

Seyi Akinsola

Test Lead at ALD Automotive

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